electronic drum setIf you have a need to bang out the rhythm of your favorite song when it comes on the radio – you’ve got the heart of a drummer.

It used to be that you had to get a huge, bulky drum set if you wanted to pursue your percussion dreams. Ask any drummer who has to set up and break down his drum set and you’ll understand what a pain those old drum sets can be. Thankfully, there are some great electronic drum sets available for today’s aspiring drummers.

Finding the Best Electronic Drum Set

Since these kinds of drums are becoming very popular, it’s important to make the best purchasing decisions. If you’re wanting to buy the best electronic drums, you need the inside scoop. Electronic Drum Set Reviews are the best resource for finding the facts about the different types of electronic drums on the market.

Your money and time are too important to waste on buying a bad set of drums. Staying on top of the latest electronic drum reviews will give you the power to be an informed customer and buy the right set for your drumming needs. It’s easy to say this set is better than that set, but what you really need are honest reviews that cut straight to the facts.

Before you buy any electronic drums, here are some important things to consider:

  • Yamaha, Alesis, Roland are some of the most popular makers of electronic drum sets, but which one makes the set that’s perfect for you?
  • Sound Quality and Portability
  • Extras and Options Included with different electronic drums
  • Drum machine, portable drum pads or full electronic drum sets? Which one is best suited for you?

Don’t rush into a decision without knowing these kinds of facts. Not every drum set is right for every drummer. Be sure that you know what you’re buying before you lay down your hard earned cash. As a drummer, you need a drum set that you can rely on.

You’ve got a lot of options to choose from for your next drum set. Brush up on the facts, by reading our electronic drum set reviews before you buy. That way, you’ll know that you are getting the drum set that is just right for you.

A sample electronic drum playing by Michael Shack on Roland TD-4k with Roland SPD-S for your viewing pleasure (We just love how he bang-up those drum heads)

Top 3 Electronic Drum Set Picks

Our choice of what we think are the best electronic drum sets are based on the consumer side factors which includes: price value, numerous positive feedbacks from others who have bought it, quality & product features and also together with our own review of these electronic drum sets. Our top picks are:

alesis dm6

Alesis DM6

Best choice for price-conscious drummers and aspiring players. The Alesis DM6 has extremely realistic playing surfaces and rugged rack system. The DM6 drum module features a completely new sound-set with 108 quality drum, cymbal, and percussion instruments as well as a sequencer with play-along tracks, metronome, recorder, mix-in jack for playing along with your iPod, and more.

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Some positive feedbacks from real customers:

Best Sub $500 Electronic Drumset EverI’ve had my Alesis DM6 drumset up and running for a couple days and I must say I am pleasantly surprised. Up until now any electronic drumset in the $500 range was nothing more than a toy. This drumset is fabulous when you consider the price point and, in fact, has no real competition that I could find.”

Perfect gift for aspiring percussionistsThe sound is incredibly realistic. There are certainly better drum kits out there, but none come close to the value of the DM6! If you or a child want to explore the world of percussion, then get the DM6.”

yamaha dtxplorer


Still considered as entry level drum kit but its features and stability is almost like a high-end kit. Overall, has a superb sound as the DTXplorer’s internal sounds are recorded from Yamaha’s famous acoustic drums. It does have a total of 214 drum and percussion sounds with 32 preset kits. We see it as one of the best in it’s price range that has a full-featured 5-piece configured drum kit.

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Some positive feedbacks from real customers:

I met an experienced drummer (also a customer) in the shop who told me these were the best and also at a great price. I bought them on Amazon to save some money. I’ve now had them 3 weeks. No problems. Easy to set-up. Feels like I’m playing a real kit with the advantage that I can turn down the volume and not annoy the wife! I have not recorded them onto my studio tracks yet but so far they are great!!

The kit sounds are great and the adjustability and sensitivity of the pads are well beyond what I had expected. You can get very good ghost notes out of these as well as good powerful strokes due to the velocity sensitive pads.

roland hd1Roland HD-1 V-Drums Lite

A little bit pricey as compared to its colleagues, but we definitely fell in love with the style and how compact the Roland HD-1 is. It’s also very easy to set-up and operate. Yes it is small but The HD-1 sounds and performs impressively large. We have always loved Roland drums as they always deliver to expectations.

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Some positive feedbacks from real customers:

This kit is near-to-perfect for someone who finds their acoustic kit has become too loud, too big, too difficult to transport, and too time-consuming to set up.

I really like how small this drum set is, you can fold the arms in and fit it into a small car which is awesome. I keep it in my dorm room for practicing. The snare drum on this is really nice- good response and velocity. The same goes for the toms.

If you are more of an advanced drummer and is looking for a higher end electronic drum kit then you may check our full review of some of the best electronic drums for your level and personal preference. Or.. if you are not ready to buy your drum set yet, then we could recommend you try out some of the drum machines so you could have a good feel of those electronic beats. You could choose among the popular products below. Happy drumming!