reason to take drummingThere’s no age limit when it comes to learning and exploring new things. It doesn’t matter whether you’re seven or 77 years old, if you have the will and determination to acquire new skills then go ahead. Nothing should stop you from having a more fulfilling life, right?

One of the most exciting things that you can learn today is playing drums. Yes, unleash that inner rock star in you by engaging in this activity. Drumming is a constructive activity that you would enjoy very much. Not to mention, music is therapeutic and has multitude of benefits for one’s mental and emotional health.

Here are 14 top reasons that say yes, you should give drumming a try:

  1. Constructiveness. It keeps you occupied and lessens your time for daydreaming and doing just nothing.
  2. Positive stimulation of the mind. Studies show that playing a musical instrument like the drums is a great way to stimulate mental activities and exercise the brain cells. It may also help increase IQ and level of intelligence. Playing this musical instrument will also sharpen your concentration and listening skills. Drummers have good ears when it comes to sounds.
  3. Good physical and mental activity. Drumming can help you become active and can even help you lose weight!
  4. Improved coordination of body parts. When you play the drums, you use the hands, legs, feet, eyes, and mind simultaneously in order to create a good beat.
  5. Monetary benefits. Going to gigs is exciting and fun, and unlike a membership to a gym where you will be the one to play, you will get paid by playing with a band.
  6. Drumming with style. It is undeniable that percussions are very important to every musical style from Caribbean to rock and roll. Take a look at the hit songs of the past and the present—most of these have iconic drumming styles.
  7. Musical interest. You can put your good sense of rhythm and musical interest to something useful.
  8. Easy to learn and play. Who said you need a doctorate degree in music theory to play the percs? You can play drums if you really want to. The sense of time and reflexes are also developed once you choose to learn how to play drums.
  9. Stress reducer. Drumming is also a great stress reliever.
  10. Rock and roll. Of course, nobody can rock out like a person who plays the drums. Drummers are considered as the “heartbeat” of any band.