akai mpc 1000 music production centerWhenyou’re looking for a music production center, you’ll look for certain features like the sound manipulation facilities and sampling capability. You will also be looking for a music production machine that allows you to easily and rapidly adjust your beats-per-minute (BPM) to establish and maintain the tempo of the entrancing songs you’re playing. Size will also be a big consideration – simply for its portability. Simply put, if you want to dabble in music making, you might just be looking for something that is small, inexpensive yet powerful, a music production center that will allow you create and edit your music anytime, anywhere. You’ll need something like the Akai MPC1000 Music Production Center.

Introducing: The Akai MPC 1000 Music Production Center

Formerly known as the MIDI production center, the Akai MPC1000 Music Production Center is one of the most amazing things that happened to the MPC Akai series; having the most affordable price in the series with fully packed MPC Akai capabilities in a small, lightweight frame (at just 7.6 pounds), this music production center is perfect if you’re constantly travelling across astronomical distances.


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Specifications of Akai MPC1000

The laptop – sized Akai MPC 1000 Music Production Center functions as a portable music production tool on its own. The MPC1000 has a friendly interface and an easy-to-use MIDIsequencer or drum sampler. It also has a 16 –velocity and pressure sensitive pads allowing it to play expressively, in addition to its 2 separate processors and additional main-out processors which can be used simultaneously.

Akai MPC 1000Music Production Center also includes four 2 x 2 pole filters per voice that are used in filtering each of the 32 voices. Also, it has 2 Q-link sliders which had been added for real-time performance control for a range of parameters. It also includes a 16MB onboard memory that is expandable to 128 MB and a 32 MB to 2 GB standard flash memory card for additional sample and sequences storing, and these data can be transferred to a computer through its built-in USB port for drop and drag convenience.

Making Music with Akai MPC 1000 Music Production Center

The Akai MPC 1000 Music Production Center is just like the right hand man of any musicians – it samples its own main stereo, making easier for you to create your sounds and beats inside the unit itself. You can make as many as four samples which you can assign to a pad and each will be having its own velocity range, tuning and level thus allowing you to make your own built expressive velocity-layered sounds. It has two filters available for each pad for you to make that extra sound as well.

Akai MPC machines had been around the industry for years. Dependable and acoustically pleasant,there’s nothing more you can ask for. Aside from its great features that allows you to make great sounds in a variety of level, range and tuning, Akai MPC1000 Music Production Center’s size and affordability makes it an attractive addition to your contemporary musical instruments collection.

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