Alesis DM10 StudioThe Alesis DM10 Studio set is designed specifically for studio players. It has rubber low noise DMpad cymbals, natural feeling drum pads, a compact low profile StealthRack and a smart sound module. It is perfect for in the studio because it has a smaller footprint than an acoustic drum set.  Professional drummers agree, the Alesis DM10 Studio is a great set for practicing and recording in a studio and it is very affordable as compared to it’s line of electronic drum sets.

The Alesis DM10 Studio Kit Configuration

The Alesis DM10 Studio kit is a 6 piece electronic drum set that features the DM10 high definitions drum module. The studio kit has 6 drum pads, a kick pad which works with single and double pedals, a 10″ dual-zone snare pad and four (4) 8″ dual-zone tom pads all of which are completely configurable. You can assign any sound you like to any of the head or rim triggers, and you can also assign program changes to the rim. The Alesis DM10 Studio kit also includes the DMpad cymbals. You have 4 cymbals: a 12″ DMpad hi-hat; a 12″ DMpad crash cymbal with choke; a triple-zone 14″ DMpad ride with bell, face and edge triggering as well as choke; and another DMpad 12″cymbal. The entire kit is mounted on a low profile, studio friendly rack.

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The Brain of Alesis DM10 Studio Kit

Alesis DM10 sound moduleThe sound module that is driving the Alesis DM10 Studio kit is the DM10 sound module. It has over a thousand uncompressed samples of real drums and cymbals. It is the first module that gives you the ability to add new sound sets. This way you can always keep your sounds’ cutting edge, current and exactly the way that you want them to be. It has a hardware mixer which allows you to pull down the kick drum in real time without having to search through menus. It also features a nice big display. The DM10 sound module has 12 sets of inputs, which can be split so you have up to 22. You can also use it with an USB trigger. If you want to work with a drum module on the computer you can do that with the DM10. It also has the play-along option which allows you to connect your MP3/MP4 player or IPod to it as well as a headphones stereo output.

Black Elegant StealthRack

What keeps all the components of the Alesis DM10 Studio set together is an elegant StealthRack. It is stable and flexible at the same time. Made from black aluminum, the rack is reliable, in case you want to add more drums and cymbals. It gives you the freedom to place every component exactly where you want and then to stabilize the entire ensemble. A small disadvantage is the fact that the clamps are made from plastic. While setting-up the kit or just while adjusting a cymbal on the rack these clamps can easily break. Also, even if you can place the drums and cymbals at your convenience on the rack, the length of the cables might be uncomfortable. It seems the cables come too short.

Dynamic Articulation Technology

The sound quality is great and very precise, mostly because the technology Alesis uses, called Dynamic Articulation. It has the ability to produce sounds very similar to the ones from an acoustic drum set. On top of that, the intensity of the drums and cymbal hit counts not only for the volume but also for the resonance.

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Upgrade to Alesis DM10 Pro?

The major difference between Alesis DM10 Studio and Pro is of the material used for cymbals, rack and clamps. The Pro kit includes 3 cymbals which are made out of real cymbal alloy. The effect on sound is amazing, as it is a lot clearer. The rack is significantly changed because it is plated with chrome and it has knurled arms. Also, the clamps offered by the Pro kit are made out of metal, whereas the Studio ones are not. Overall, the DM10 Pro gives a more accurate feeling, closer to reality than the DM10 Studio because of the materials used. It has one small disadvantage over the Studio set though: it makes more noise. Read More Details about Alesis DM10 Pro Kit.