learn to play drumsMore and more young people are getting interested in playing different musical instruments, thanks to the rise of teen superstars who rock the world with their guitars, serenade the audience with their piano or pump up the beat with the drums. Since string instruments are the most common instruments played nowadays, learners now shift towards the drums, a percussion instrument.

If you are interested in playing this specific musical instrument, there are some tricks and things that you can do to learn and practice even without holding actual drumsticks and striking the drum set. Here is a list of the things you can do to learn the basics:

First, you need to learn how to hold drumsticks correctly and play the basic beats. You can browse the Internet for an online course in order to know the most fundamental things first before trying to play the drum set. Start practicing your skills by tapping your hands and feet on a table and the floor, respectively. This way, you can assess whether you really have the rhythm needed in playing the instrument before making a big investment—that is, purchasing a set.

For a good start, you can get some learning materials such as a book, manual, or an online material to help you on how to play the drums.

You may also opt to buy a practice pad which can simulate the feel of an actual drum and this usually have a rubber surface that makes it easy to learn and play. Also, bearings are contained inside the practice pad to imitate the sound of a real drum.

Begin practicing with a beginner’s course and you can ask for the help of a friend who already plays the drums to teach you the proper ways of striking the bass, the cymbals and the drums. If your school offers music programs, why not give drums a try? You won’t lose anything in trying. As a matter of fact, you can even discover your potentials when you do this.

Once you have gotten the hang of playing the drums, you can now start canvassing for your very own drum set and practice a little bit more. Practice makes perfect, so never give up until you have mastered the basic beats before moving on to a more advanced course.