Roland HD-1 V DrumsBeing a Roland product, this electronic drum kit sounds promising. Roland is known for its high quality electronic drum manufacturing. Usually its drum gear is considered to be expensive and designed for professionals, but the Roland HD-1 V Drum kit is a more accessible version when it comes to price. In addition, this specific model is not intimidating with complexity. It is mainly designed for beginners or for people who play the drums just for fun.

Is it for you?

You must know from the start that the Roland HD1 V Drums electronic drum kit is a product especially manufactured for novices or intermediate players. It does not have many customization options and because of its compact shape, its pads can not be adjusted much and the pedals can’t be at all. This can be inconvenient for professionals who are used to full customization. Also because of its compact shape it is not quite fit for large, well-built people. The HD1 is recommended for learning to play the drums, practicing, relaxation, fun and as an outlet for your passion.

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Stylish compact shape

The first thing you will notice about Roland HD-1 V Drum kit is its shape. Roland created a special design that incorporates everything a good drum kit needs: metronome, kick pedal, snare, high-hat, high-hat pedal, ride, cushioned tom pads, built-in crash plus a DVD with a video user’s guide. You can assemble everything together in no time. You do not have to know about which pad goes where because it is explained clearly and easily. It occupies very little space is not heavy at all and easily portable.

Once everything is good to go, all you need is a chair, some drumsticks and headphones or an amplifier.

Easy to use interface

roland v drumsThere are only seven buttons and two control knobs which are very easy to use. The first five buttons are for the access of the drum kit sounds. The Roland HD-1 has ten built in drum kits for different genres such as rock, jazz, hip-hop, dance, ethnic and metal plus some other special effects. There is also a variation button and an on/off button for the metronome. The knobs are for tempo and volume. You must know the volume adjusts all the pads at once. There is no individual volume option for the snare or toms. Not having a customizable volume selection is definitely inconvenient for a more experienced player.

Not an inconvenience for others

Playing drums is usually noisy and besides the passionate, people do not really appreciate loud sounds. The Roland HD1 V Drums kit is built in such way, that it protects others. The headphones option is a great way to play the drums and be the only one hearing them. The adjustable volume is also a good way to keep it down when necessary. In addition, in order to minimize the floor vibration, the HD1 is equipped with a special kick and hi-hat pedals which are mounted in the support pipes.

Background music option

The Roland HD1 V Drums kit has an external input which allows you to connect gadgets like an mp3 player, iPod or a CD player to it. This works while you have the headset on but also with an amplifier. You can hear the song and play along with the drums part. The sound of your drums will blend with the song. This feature makes it much easier for you to get the exact rhythm and learn faster.

Bottom line guidelines

The Roland HD-1 V Drums kit is a high quality all-in-one electronic drum kit. It is a great alternative to an expensive acoustic drum kit. It is easy to maneuver for kids who want to learn and also by passionate adults. It has a good sound quality and some nice sound effects but it is definitely not suited for performances at a concert. The Roland HD-1 V Drums are the right choice for a novice and at the same time, very entertaining for a casual player. Click HERE To Buy Roland HD-1 at for a Lower Price.