Roland TD-4K Electronic Drum Set Review

Even people who may have never picked up a pair of drum sticks are familiar with the Roland name. This company has a reputation for putting out some of the best electronic drum sets available. The Roland TD-4K Electronic Drum Set, is another addition to a fantastic line of electronic drums made by Roland. From the sleek, modern design, to the realistic, organic sound, this is one electronic drum set that stands out from the competition.

A Sight to Behold with Sounds You Will Love

You can’t look at the Roland TD-4K Electronic Drum Set without being visually stunned. This set is anything but ordinary, and the secret is in the patented stand. The looks of the drum stand included with the Roland TD-4K Electronic Drum Set, is a post modern take on the classic drum stand with an industrial twist. Some drum sets dissappear into the background, their layout is simply boring.  Not so with the Roland TD-4K Electronic Drum Set, this set is designed to attract attention, and that it does. Best of all, the entire set up is extremely lightweight and easy to transport.

Technical Specifications:

  • The TD-4 sound module includes new percussion sounds and very accurate sensing
  • Snare drum with a patented mesh head, ensures an awesome feel
  • Toms and cymbals are velocity sensitive with choke capability
  • Compatible with optional VH-11 V-Hi-Hat to mount on standard hi-hat stands
  • Cable harness and DB-25 connector for easy PC or multimedia hook up

Most customers have had rave reviews for the  Roland TD-4K Electronic Drum Set. They love the lightweight stand and visual appeal that it provides. The sound is always great and the ability to customize over time can’t be beat. One minor complaint that has been expressed is the location of the sound module. It’s easy to lose focus on it when you need to use it most. However, this is a minor drawback to an otherwise solid set of electronic drums.

There simply aren’t many electronic drum sets that could introduce a revolutionary, yet attractive look, while combining an old-school sound that is unmatchable. Roland has done both with the introduction of the  Roland TD-4K Electronic Drum Set. This set is made to be expanded as you progress, so it’s a perfect starter set for beginners and a great baseline set up for more experienced musicians.