Since the gaming era began, the main purpose was to achieve a feeling as close to reality as it could get. The Ion Drum Rocker set takes a step closer to the real deal. The engineers from Alesis outdid themselves when they created this electronic drum set to be compatible with all gaming platforms and also to be highly customizable for the user. The Ion Drum Rocker set can be used to play the two most appreciated music simulation games: Rock Band 1 and 2 as well as Guitar Hero 4 World Tour.

Highly Customizable

The Ion Drum Rocker will make you feel like a professional drummer especially because you can place the drum and cymbals pads anywhere which fits you best on the adjustable drum stand. The rack is compact, foldable and the pads are mounted using a metal arm shaped like the letter L and a clamp system which will give your moves more freedom. In addition, the drum pedal can be positioned at your convenience.

Silent and Durable

The pads have an innovative surface which ensures a very low level of noise. So, from now on you will not have to turn the volume up in order to cover the sound made by the pads. Additionally, the headphones option the Ion Drum Rocker set offers might prove to be effective when you cannot perform as loud as you would like to. As for the pad housing, it is made out very durable plastic. Fortunately the plastic was not used for the drum pedal though. The Ion Drums went another next level by creating a metal drum pedal with accessories which hold it steady.

Expandable and Standalone

The customization goes even further for the Ion Drum Rocker set. You can opt for an extra cymbal and also for a second bass pedal. These optional additions will be at hand if you decide to use the Ion Drums as a standalone set, not only for the gaming experience. You just need to change the controller module with the Alesis DM5 Professional Drum Sound Module. Other modules are also compatible, but this one handles the output levels best.

Award winning set

Game critics consider the Ion Drum Rocker set the best peripheral equipment made for a game. Features like the velocity sensitive pads and the realistic experience qualified the Ion Drums for this special award.

The drumsticks are included, so be ready to start playing the drums without feeling you are only playing a game. Using the Ion Audio Drum Rocker set will give you a sense of authenticity. Whenever you want, you can try the drum, cymbal, and percussion instrument sounds because there are more than a hundred included. You can also record and then listen to yourself play using the play-along option or just enjoy a jam session. This set is not just a toy used for a game; it is a genuine electronic drum set.