yamaha dtxplorer electronic drum setYou might first develop an interest in drumming after watching a friend of yours performing in, say, a party. Perhaps his confidence and flair at creating head-banging rhythms piqued your interest in drums. Now imagine you approaching him in his house, and witnessing his prowess at an electronic drum kit – won’t you be inclined to go for one of these beauties, too? Go a little closer, and don’t be surprised if he’s using the Yamaha DTXplorer electronic drum set!

Features of Yamaha DTXplorer

The Yamaha DTXplorer kit comes with five pad units: snare, kick, high-hat, two cymbal pads and three tom-tom pads. In addition, there is a bass drum pedal to use with the kick unit. This drum kit will give you THE ultimate drumming experience.

The whole kit weighs a mere seventy pounds, which makes it so much easier to carry the drum set around, especially if you’re going to perform at other venues. Unlike larger kits, it is also quite easy to assemble and dismantle, which makes the whole user experience that bit more convenient. The Yamaha DTXplorer is also economical when it comes to space requirements; you’re definitely more than able to store it away in the corner of your apartment when it’s not in use, and its compact size also comes in handy when you’re (eventually) performing on a small stage.

It’s sexy when you play on this kit =)

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This electronic drum set is very amateur-friendly – you’ll learn the ropes soon enough through the various lessons and preset drum kit groups. Indeed, the Yamaha DTXplorer comes with thirty-two of the preset drum kit groups and twenty-two preset songs, which are part of the 200+ drum and percussion sounds available overall. While this will definitely aid you in your drumming capabilities for different music genres, what’s more fulfilling is the ability for you to tweak the settings to allow you to try out new styles. The groove-check and rhythm-gate functions will also help you to learn how to tune the drums while continuing to play.

dtxplorer moduleAnother feature of the Yamaha DTXplorer is its ability to store up to nine custom kits. This way, you’ll able to develop your own unique drumming style.

The Yamaha DTXplorer electronic drum set also features line, MIDI and headphone outputs, allowing easy connection of the kit to digital media such as laptops, while the headphone output will definitely prove to be extremely beneficial for you and your neighbors; you won’t want to shake up the entire neighborhood during your drumming practices, would you?

One last thing: the rubber padding also creates a more natural feel than that found on many other electronic drum kits, and there is less risk of breakage or wear than with plastic pads.

Yamaha DTXplorer VS High-End Electronic Drums

Compared to high-end electronic drum kits, its features might be considered a little bit limited. However, given the price tag, the Yamaha DTXplorer ranks among the best value-for-money kits in its category.

Overall, the Yamaha DTXplorer drum kit is a great learning tool for novice drummers, and if you are on a tight budget, and don’t have a lot of space, the Yamaha DTXplorer is well worth your investment.

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